4 Reason Why You Should Keep Your Windows Clean

1. View

How boring would life be without windows! We all enjoy a good view of the scenery whether it be by you desk overlooking the spectacular landscape (if you’re lucky!) or on the bus looking on to the noisy busy main road. Either way it’s not something we appreciate even though we somewhat rely on to a day-to-day basis.

2. Image

In a business environment, how would clients feel walking in to a dull atmosphere due to unclean, dirty windows? Believe it or not this will give the first impression and reflect you as a business overall. After all, you don’t really want to miss an opportunity or be thought of irresponsible due to grimy windows right? Sounds laughable but can happen! Ultimately, clean, spotless windows can tremendously help your image and can brighten up a room and yourself in an instant.

3. Glass Degradation

If we want to go down the scientific route, by not maintaining your windows it can slowly lead to glass degradation. Glass is porous and therefore will gather dirt and contamination over time – especially in the winter, from:

  • Hard minerals
  • Oxidisation
  • Acid rain
  • Sea spray
  • Over spray (e.g. from paint)
  • etc.

Doesn’t sound good, does it? This will just lead to more hassle and further money being spent in the long term. By having them cleaned by professionals, it will help prolong the life of your windows. After all windows aren’t cheap!

4. Heat Efficiency

Poorly kept windows can affect the heat efficiency. By having dirt particles on your window, it will expose more UV light, which will then stop the sun from giving heat. Again this will cause more expenses, for something you may have not even noticed.

Whether you are at home or have your own a business, it is very important to have well-kept windows. With the limited resource and experience you may have why not leave it to the experts! By going with a professional company, who has the knowledge and techniques, they will have the right tools and equipment for you to always have the perfect, clean, window to then enjoy the view!

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